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SHARES | LittleBigGreen Founder Qi Ziming Gives Interview at Tsinghua Straits Research Institute, Sharing Vision for Environmental Conservation

Updated: Feb 5

In an era where environmental consciousness is increasingly vital, the young environmental organization LittleBigGreen has attracted widespread attention with its innovative and active conservation activities. Recently, Qi Ziming, the founder of the organization, shared the background, current main projects, and future plans of LittleBigGreen in an exclusive interview with Tsinghua Straits Research Institute.

Qi Ziming stated that the inception of LittleBigGreen was rooted in his high school concern for environmental protection. He observed that although environmental conservation is a global topic, its implementation and practice, especially among students, have significant room for improvement. This realization led him to establish LittleBigGreen in 2023, aimed at inspiring young people to participate in environmental activities and enhance their awareness and involvement in ecological issues.

Discussing the key projects of LittleBigGreen, Qi Ziming particularly highlighted the "Green Wallet" initiative. This program encourages participants to earn carbon credits through active involvement in environmental actions, motivating more people to engage in conservation efforts. Qi Ziming believes that combining digital methods with environmental activities can more effectively promote youth participation in conservation and establish ecological awareness in daily life.

Qi Ziming also mentioned the collaborations LittleBigGreen has established with various schools, businesses, and organizations to advance environmental projects. He emphasized the partnership with Tsinghua University, stating that this collaboration helps to deepen the impact of environmental education and provides students with opportunities to practice conservation principles.

Looking to the future, Qi Ziming expressed optimism about the development prospects of LittleBigGreen. He hopes the organization will continue to expand its influence and attract more young people to participate in environmental actions. He believes that through education and practice, public attitudes and behaviors towards environmental issues can gradually change, contributing to the construction of a greener, more sustainable future.

The interview reflects Qi Ziming's deep concern for the environment and the efforts made by LittleBigGreen. As environmental awareness continues to grow, organizations like LittleBigGreen are expected to play a significant role among the younger generation, collectively driving the development of global environmental conservation initiatives.

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