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Shares | Congratulations on LittleBigGreen Carbon credit wallet entering the testing phase

Formal Announcement:

Official Launch of Beta Testing for Carbon Credit Wallet App

We are pleased to announce the development of the Carbon Credit Wallet application, an innovative tool designed to facilitate the management and trading of carbon credits. This application, currently available on Android devices, represents our commitment to supporting sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

As part of our development process, we are extending an invitation for beta testing to interested parties. This testing phase is crucial for gathering feedback and insights that will inform further enhancements, ensuring the application meets the highest standards of functionality and user experience.

Key Details:

  • Platform Availability: Currently available for Android devices.

  • Objective: To collect feedback on app functionality and user experience.

  • How to Participate: Interested participants can access the beta version of the app through the following link: Beta Testing Link. This link is intended for internal testing and interaction purposes.

We value your feedback and encourage you to share your experiences and suggestions to help us refine and improve the application. Your contribution is vital to our mission of promoting sustainable environmental practices through innovative technology.

For further inquiries or to provide detailed feedback, please contact our development team at

We look forward to your participation and insights as we continue to develop and enhance the Carbon Credit Wallet app, with plans to launch on the Apple Store in the near future.

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