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NEWS | University student's 'LittleBigGreen' translates classroom sustainability to community

Updated: Feb 8

The student organization ‘LittleBigGreen’ is sparking environmental change from classroom to community.

We talked to Ziming Qi -- a freshman from China at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio about the organization.

He said his awareness of environmental issues started during his high school years in China. He wanted to enhance environmental consciousness among young people. His aim is to educate students and encourage sustainable lifestyles. At Little Big Green, they strive to embed environmental actions deeply into daily lives.

LittleBigGreen has done initiatives like a campus recycling program, sustainable living workshop and local environment clean up. Their achievements include heightened environmental awareness and improved recycling rates on campus, and their innovative green wallet program applying blockchain technology had great success.

The short term goal is to expand their presence across more universities and introduce diverse type driven environmental solutions. Long term, they aspire to transfer LittleBigGreen into a global platform for students and educational institution to collaborate on sustainability, sharing resources and ideas internationally for the greater impact.

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