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SHARES | LittleBigGreen Tsinghua University Branch in Preparation - Fostering Environmental Awareness on Campus

Updated: Feb 5

LittleBigGreen, the renowned environmental student organization founded by Qi Ziming, has officially announced the establishment of a branch at Tsinghua University, one of China's leading higher education institutions. This initiative aims to introduce concepts of environmental consciousness and sustainable living to the younger generation, enhancing their understanding and involvement in environmental protection.

Since its inception in 2023, LittleBigGreen has garnered widespread acclaim globally for its innovative approach to environmental education and active social engagement. By establishing a branch at Tsinghua University, the organization seeks to deepen its impact within China's higher education system and expand the reach of its environmental education programs.

Key aspects of the Tsinghua University branch preparation include:

  1. Team Building: Actively recruiting passionate students and faculty to form a diverse team responsible for day-to-day operations and event planning.

  2. Project Planning: Designing and implementing a series of environmental projects and activities, including workshops, lectures, campus clean-up initiatives, and community engagement events.

  3. Collaboration and Resource Integration: Establishing partnerships with other environmental organizations and institutions both within and outside the university to promote environmental projects and expand resources and influence.

  4. Environmental Education and Outreach: Raising awareness of environmental issues through campus events, social media, and other channels, encouraging more people to participate in environmental actions.

  5. Long-term Development Planning: Focusing on sustainable development and formulating a long-term plan for the Tsinghua University branch to ensure its activities and projects have a lasting positive impact.

The establishment of the Tsinghua University branch is another significant milestone for LittleBigGreen in advancing global environmental education efforts. The organization looks forward to officially commencing operations at Tsinghua University in the near future, laying a solid foundation for nurturing more environmental leaders and advocates.

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