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Earth Day 2024

Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by EARTHDAY.ORG (formerly Earth Day Network)including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries.The official theme for 2024 is "Planet vs. Plastics." 2025 will be the 55th anniversary of Earth Day.

Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

Manabu Ikeda

Flowers from the Wreckage

(As of March 11, 2024, the clock counts down to July 21, 2029 at 1:00 PM.)

The Climate Clock was launched in 2015 to provide a measuring stick against which viewers can track climate change mitigation progress. The date shown when humanity reaches 1.5°C will move closer as emissions rise, and further away as emissions decrease. An alternative view projects the time remaining to 2.0°C of warming.[1][2] The clock is updated every year to reflect the latest global CO2 emissions trend and rate of climate warming.[1] As of March 11, 2024, the clock counts down to July 21, 2029 at 1:00 PM. On September 20, 2021, the clock was delayed to July 28, 2028, likely because of the COP26 Conference and the land protection by indigenous peoples.


Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

Andrea Bowers

Exist, Flourish, Evolve


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